Bonnie Donohue: Killing Mapepe: Sex and Death in Cold War Puerto Rico.

Bonnie Donohue is a photographer and video artist whose work maps places of disruption, conflict, cultural erasure and loss while examining the colonial relationship of military installations to local communities at home and abroad. She has been working on the island of Vieques for over 10 years. She exhibited “Vieques: A Long Way Home” in 2006 in Puerto Rico and in the continental U.S. Her exhibition “Killing Mapepe: Sex and Death in Cold War Vieques,” in collaboration with cultural anthropologist Katherine McCaffrey, is currently on view at the
Mission Cultural Center for Latin American Arts in San Francisco. McCaffrey, her collaborator, is associate professor of anthropology at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Her scholarship has focused on the relationship between the military and residents of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, and the legacies and impact of military occupation and training exercises on the community and environment. She has authored numerous articles and a book, Military Power and Popular Protest: The U.S. Navy in Vieques,Puerto Rico.


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