Chantal Zakari & Mike Mandel: They Came to Baghdad

Chantal Zakari is a Turkish-Levantine artist and a recent U.S. citizen. Zakari was trained as a designer and an artist. She published The Turk & The Jew, in 1998 with Mandel, a book based on the web-narrative by the same title, which was launched in 1996. In 2005, using a pseudonym, she self-publishedwebAffairs, a documentary of a web community. She has had solo shows of her work in the U.S. and in Turkey. She has given book readings in the form of performances in the U.K., Netherlands, Canada and the U.S. Zakari is a faculty member in the Text and Image Arts Area at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


Mike Mandel is an American photographer who has published nine photo-based books since the early 70’s, including Myself: Timed Exposures, 1971, Seven Never Before Published Portraits of Edward Weston, 1974, the Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards, 1975, and Making Good Time, 1989. In 1977 Larry Sultan and Mandel authored Evidence, a photo narrative comprised only of found images that has been recognized as a seminal artists’ book and a precursor to subsequent postmodern strategies of photographic practice.


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